Myself and my children have all been Dr. Hansen’s patients and would never go anywhere else. You get one on one time and see him at every visit. You feel comfortable and relaxed as he explains every step he is doing. He was great with my 5 year old when she needed work done and has been great with us as the kids have grown older and are now in full sets. I would recommend Dr Hansen to everyone!
Keani Guthrie
Very personal and attentive care from the doctor himself every time, not an assistant…just great!
libby burr
Excellent, very happy with the quality of care of Hansen’s office has given me.
AJ Koenes
Best orthodontist! I have three boys and been to four different orthodontists in three states. Dr. Kristian is the best of all of them. He clearly explains the overall goal, and gives several options of how to reach it with easy to follow animations. Then during each visit he explains the reason behind the adjustment and what needs to be reached before the next adjustment. He treats the teenager with respect and helps them be invested in their treatment.
Andrea W.