Meet Dr. Hansen

Dr. Kristian Hansen was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From an early age, he developed a fond interest in fixing things, and he realized that he enjoyed working with his hands. When he was twelve years old he received braces, and he was intrigued by the delicate and precise process through which his teeth were adjusted into a more ideal position. He was inspired by his interactions with his orthodontist–a man who was clearly passionate about his job and derived great joy from helping his patients fix their teeth, bite and smiles. It was at this point that Dr. Hansen decided he would be an orthodontist, so that he too could thoroughly enjoy helping others improve their smiles and their confidence.

Dr. Hansen graduated from Eldorado High, but prior to attending college he served a church mission in Hong Kong and Macau, China. When he returned from this mission he enrolled in Brigham Young University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. From there he moved on to Loma Linda University, earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and then his Master of Science in Orthodontics degree. In August 1995, Dr. Hansen opened his orthodontic practice in Bozeman, Montana, and he has happily served his patients from this same location for over two decades now.

Dr. Hansen enjoys spending his free time with his family and his church. In addition to fixing teeth, Dr. Hansen loves fixing cars, computers, farm equipment and all sorts of things around the house. He also loves gardening and snow skiing.

Dr. Hansen’s initial instincts at the age of twelve have borne out, and he experiences enormous joy through helping others correct and improve their teeth, bites and smiles. He works hard to make each patient’s orthodontic experience a positive one, and helps them move quickly and efficiently toward the final, desired result. Dr. Hansen feels that it is important that every patient understands what is being done at each step and why, so that they understand their options and which one is best for them.

Dr. Hansen uses the latest technologies, including 3d printing, to develop the best treatment plan for each individual patient. With in-house lab work, many answers and results can be received more quickly than is possible with outside labs.

Each day Dr. Hansen helps his patients in subtle ways, but his biggest rewards come from watching both children and young adults transform into the confident, self-assured individuals they were meant to be–all because they are willing to smile openly for everyone to see.

Call Dr. Hansen today to find out how he can help you enjoy the more comfortable and confident smile you’ve always wanted.